OPHA HR was formed in April 2012. Our people have built up a strong culture of customer service through the implementation of innovative ideas, safety, efficiency and a solid industry standing in their careers in container unpacking.

Our company is contract based or box rate, and relies on the productivity of our teams. We prefer to operate like this as opposed to hourly hire. Our aim is to have containers unpacked within one hour. This does however differ from container to container due to the container contents, client requirements and transportation hold ups.

Through years of experience we have found that hourly hire does not necessarily equate to a one hour unpacking when needed. Many of the clients we currently service have had the same containers we unpack in one hour take a whole day when supplied with inexperienced or unmotivated container unpackers sent from other companies.

Our unpackers are sourced through reputation and we only accept the best in the industry.

OPHA HR never underestimates our competition. For this reason we attempt to always provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. We understand that without our clients our business would not exist.

Our teams of container labourers are made up of individuals experienced in container unpacking/packing and have worked in both hourly hire and contract situations for a number of years prior to commencing with OPHA HR. Many of these unpackers are household names within the industry in Sydney because of their continued level of service. It is likely that they have unpacked a container for you or someone you know in the last 14 years.

Our objective is to continue to provide the best value for money service to our clients. We focus on finding solutions to help our clients achieve their results whilst ensuring their container labour requirements are met. It is important to OPHA HR that we build strong client relationships based on our high safety standards, honesty and efficiency.

The individuals we employ are highly motivated and trained in all aspects of container loading and unloading. We recruit based on the following qualities and essentially they are the human resources we are promoting;

– A respect for safety for themselves, yourself and for all those around you.
– When attending a client’s premises they understand that they not only representing the best interest of OPHA Human Resources but also the best interest and representation of the client.
– Respect for the site, premises and our clients employees.
– Willing to approach our work differently to adhere to our clients work culture

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